The years spent in college are not always wonderful

Every student in high school is looking forward to joining a college of his or her choice. That is commendable because we focus on advancing in our academic ladder. These are operating so hard due to the fact they wish to have some fun in college or university to some. It is because many students get time to stay alone while in college. It is time to explore new areas of life and discover things you have not known for many years.

For whatever reasons, it is essential to know that college life is not always smooth Every student has his or her definition of college life. The majority can agree that it is not the best days in life. There are many things that dictate our position and thoughts we take about college days.

There are times when you were happy and felt like is somewhere you want to be, especially the first orientation days. Even so things may have undertaken an alternative direction as a consequence of a variety of reasons.

Reasons That Shape Different Feelings About Our College Years

You could have began well, but points altered about the approaches. Here are some reasons why you feel and can attest that your college days were the worst days of your life. First, you had no money. Not everyone knows about financial management. You may be given money but since you are learning to live alone, you spend it carelessly and end up broke. You need to do a lot but you have no money to cater for it. It makes you to live in constant depression.

Insane Schedule

Secondly, it could be that your schedule was insane. You were required to be in class as early as 8. Am with a series of lectures with minimum break. Besides, you had an evening job to attend to. It means that you did not have time for yourself or socialize.

Lack of Focus

Another thing could be that you did not prioritize your activities. There are many things you can do in college. Besides, you have many friends who come checking on you to different things that affect your schedule. In the event you did not focus on your pursuits, then you usually experienced deposition of duties to take care of. Struggle to meet the deadlines and prepare for your exams.

Too Many Bashes

Consequently, you party too much. Everything has a limit. Bust since you are getting in the world alone, you probably wanted to test every aspect of life. Therefore, each day was full of hangovers and you couldn’t focus on what is important.


You were also confused. Unless you are among the few who knew what they wanted to pursue. So, you probably didn’t do the things you believed you may be doing in college. Taking a course you did not imagine doing leaves you wondering and perplexed the trajectory of life after college.There are many more reasons but these are the major causes that make college life absolutely not the best.

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